Sunday, September 13, 2009

what i feel right now? its like melacholy mind going through to the elapse days...jumping to a weeks by weeks ago and year by year...memorized all what i did in my life...many thing we did ocasionally are ridiculous,silly...i dont know and still learn about the real world...what the meaning of our to survive...all people we find are not same character /habit or behaviour...but what i see is most of characters factor is depend on their experience,or may be their appearance...and till now i still do not know who i am...i m still searching my identity...its also can be in my doesnt be consolidate of the artist that i adore is Niezam bachok who was being a comic artist...i like his strokes,colour and styles...

i want talk about art again, may be again aand again is one thing always revolving in my mind

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